new capsule collection with Marja de Sanctis illustrator

ochobags big smooth 3 pz

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sacca grigio melange

sacca estiva

sacche blu e bordeaux

sacca in cotone grezzo

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Mini Backpack Forest

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Mini backpack funny animals

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Mini Backpack super Hero

zaino ART

Zaino art Acquista Qui

Zaino cubi

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Abstract home

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Omaggio a Damien

Totebag _ backpack _ green&blue stripes

Happy family imprinted on mini backpack

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Blu canvas backpack

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Yellow backpack

Geometric pattern on backpack • • • • •

Bright colours _ minimal design _ use fo

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azul calcite

amazonite marble

lettera A

granito marble

femminino sacro

roof garden

grafica astratta

grafica astratta

grafica astratta

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zaino marmo corteccia

zaino belt

new japan pattern

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new japan pattern melanzana

pois pattern

japanese pattern

japan pattern

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Tiles pattern

Sono fatti per stare insieme ..

Superhero backpack

Camouflage for Motoriders

New modular backpack _ shoulder bag

Backpack small

Nuovi formati zaini Ochobags grande _ me

Summer 2019

Model small 2 bags neoprene blu + aranci

super car grafica bimbo

dettaglio zaino bimbo

limited edition zaini bimbo

Super modella con zainetto rosa

zaini coordinati per mamma e bimbo

zaini Art limited edition

zaino black mesh 3d & lemon zip

zaino black mesh 3d & lemon zip

Zaino ocho art limited edition

Zaino art chess board

Zaino art chess board

Zaino art minimal wood

Zaino art free hugs

Modella con Zaino free hugs

Zaino art red and white japan

Zaino art red & blu japan

Modular small 2 bags

Modular small 2 bags

Modular small 2 bags rectangular

Modular small 2 bags half moon

Modular small 2 bags half moon

Modular small 2 bags neoprene

Ocho necklace and ochobags

Zaino ocho summer limited edition

Ochobags medium 2 smooth

Ochobags 1 bag and chain

Ocho big 3 smooth

Ocho big 3 smooth



I describe my project Ochobags and I show you  my atelier and the eternal city... Rome...This video was made for a Japan Company

who wanted to honor his customers showing them a piece of Italian design...


Three different pocket can give you many possibilities of using your bag.

You have the smallest bag, the medium bag and the bigger one.

Each bag can be used alone, or you can mix them up in many different looks.

Play with them, and experiment how you can use your unique bag.


                Enjoy !                     


           Arianna Vivenzio  designer




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